We are extremely grateful for continuous financial support from the National Science Foundation for the last 20 years. Without their support, the SMOG resource would not exist.

We are also very fortunate to have resource and technical support from the AMD HPC Fund, which has allowed us to develop the OpenSMOG module that supports GPU-based HPC applications of SMOG models!

SMOG users and developers

We would also like to thank everyone who has contributed code, or provided suggestions and feedback on SMOG resources. In particular, we would like to acknowledge help from the following members of the SMOG community (shoot us an email if your name is missing!): Mariana Levi, Mohit Rahgunathan, Xingcheng Lin, Prasad Bandarkar, Milan Hazra, Martin Fossat, Frederico Campos Freitas, Joanna Sulkowska, Ailun Wang, Asem Hassan, Lavi Bigman, Thomas Dahlstrom, Erdong Ding, Esteban Dodero Rojas, Sandra Byju, Yang Wang, Antonio Oliveira, Vinicius Contessoto, Tomek Wlodarski, Osamu Miyashita, Gargi Biswas, Nate Avish, Digvijay Prakash, Zhe Zhao, Pradipti Das

This resource is provided by the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics.
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